How to activate Hulu via activate?

Hulu is a mentionable start to your online streaming experience with excellent movies and TV shows to look forward to. Start the Hulu channel activation using and then, you will surely enjoy the programs telecast on the channel.

For streaming the channel, you can either add it from the store or get it as a part of the live channel subscription package that includes both limited commercial or noncommercial plans. Let us begin the hulu activate, start troubleshooting the hulu activation errors and then, begin streaming the top and interesting program categories

Most watched program collections

Hulu channel entertain you with exciting program categories. To access these programs, execute channel activation guide using the page. The most-watched shows on Hulu channel include,

  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Castle Rock
  • Marvels Runaways
  • The Mindy Project
  • Difficult People
  • The Path, Future Man
  • The Looming Tower
  • The Handmaids Tale
  • Adventure Time
  • In the flesh, Felicity
  • Peep Show
  • Killing Eve
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • Battle star Galactic
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Cougar Town

The Hulu channel library will be updated with new series and then, you can have a look by visiting their library. Upon the hulu activate, the channel reviews or updates available will give you an idea about the top programs. Hulu plus live, the latest Hulu channel subscription upgrade, offers a lot of streaming benefits that include fifty plus live channels, options to stream on various device models.

Channel information

Let us check a few information about the channel before channel activation

  • Channel developer – Hulu
  • Requires the page and an activation code for completing the activation

Hulu – supporting platforms

If you wish to stream the channel’s shows, then you must possess at least one of the following devices

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Supported Roku devices
  • Echo Show
  • iPhones
  • Apple devices
  • Smart TVs
  • Fire TV and Fire tablets

Hulu Activate

  • Check whether your device is compatible to stream Hulu
  • Once if you decide the device to use, sign in to your Hulu Account
  • From your system, navigate to page
  • You will receive a prompt to provide Hulu activation code
  • Enter the device activation code & then proceed with remaining channel activation steps

Hulu with Live TV

HULU plus live TV, most preferred live-streaming options offer access to entertaining live channels that are on demand. Once if you subscribe you have Cloud DVR storage options, access to top channels such as ESPN, CNN, HGTV, Animal Planet, Boomerang, Discovery Channel, Disney channel and few more

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is very similar to Hulu with access to a library that contains more entertainment and fewer interruptions in the name of commercials. Some popular shows that are currently trending on the channel include The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Game of Thrones, Billions, The Act, Future Man and Around the Way.

How to create Hulu and Hulu Plus account

Hulu and Hulu plus being the top streaming service providers, most of the entertainment lovers go for it. To access the contents, live and to get latest updates, it is required to login to a Hulu or Hulu Plus account through Users who already have a Hulu account or Hulu Plus account can sign in with credentials and those customers who do not have an account can start creating a new one through process. Both are subscription-based services and you need to sign up to access contents or stream latest programs that you like the most. Let us explain how to create Hulu and Hulu plus account

Hulu and Hulu plus account creation guide

Start your search to find the website portal and navigate to the section to create an hulu account

Select your package

As there are multiple packages & plans available, it’s your interest to choose the best one before you proceed to create an account

Provide the required data

Click on the sign-up page and wait until you are navigated to a new page for hulu activate. Now provide the required data that include the Name, Email ID, Password and New password. Cross check and verify that you have filled the space visible on the screen. The last & final step is to tap on the account creation tab. Wait for a while until the account creation process completes successfully.

For Hulu Plus account creation, the process is almost the same and you can proceed with the same account creation guide. Create an account, log in, choose the subscription package and pay the subscription charges to start watching your favorites

How to activate and watch Hulu on Roku?

For Hulu channel activation just start with the hulu login/activate guide and the preliminary steps include setting up your streaming device (hardware setup that includes collecting the necessary cables), connecting the device to an internet source, collecting the channel activation code and the page to link the streaming device.

Start the streaming device setup

  • If you have a streaming device at your home start the initial and guided setup steps
  • This includes the language and display selection
  • Connecting the necessary cables and then, a few other steps

As soon as you complete you can proceed with the remaining channel activation process

Hulu on Roku

Channel store

  • Finding the channel is easy if you visit the channel store
  • Start making the channel selection and then, begin tapping on the add channel tab

Hulu activation using

  • From your mobile device go to the page and type the hulu activation code
  • Finally, start typing the channel activation code in the required space and then, wait for a while to complete channel activation successfully

Are you a mobile device user

  • If you have a mobile device at your home you can start the Hulu channel app download
  • Now start the app search visiting the store and as soon as you find the search results download the app right away by tapping on the download tab
  • Finally, double tap on the channel app icon to open it and then, start streaming the Hulu originals and programs

Guide to avoid channel activation errors on Roku

If you are worried about the Hulu activation errors that pop up during Hulu channel activation we have a lot of troubleshooting tips.

  • It will be good if you double check the channel activation code or the page
  • Using the wireless option can offer you good speed
  • Try to restart the streaming device that you use for Hulu channel activation and this step will help you to avoid errors to a greater extent
  • In case if you come across any errors using the channel activation code, get a new code
  • If not we suggest to uninstall the app and install it again
  • In addition, try servicing the streaming device that you use in this case or purchase a new model. If you love entertainment the channel definitely becomes one of the best options.

Activate Hulu on Firestick

  • As you switch on your Firestick device start your search to find out the channel app on your device display screen
  • Login with the Hulu account credentials and visit the page to complete the activation
  • After the activation, you can add more number of channels to get entertain with your Firestick.

Hulu activation on Xbox one

  • Navigate to the app section on your device and start your search to find the Hulu app
  • Search for Hulu icon and select it for completing the download
  • Search for the option login and proceed with the onscreen  prompts to use the app for hulu activate

Hulu Apple TV

  • Apple users can download the latest Hulu app on 4th generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K from the App Store
  • Once downloaded the app, login using Hulu account or go through the process to set up your Hulu
  • Even 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV users can avail the classic Hulu app but they won’t get access to the premium features of Hulu

Hulu on Vizio

  • All VIZIO SmartCast TV models are devised to support the latest Hulu mobile application with all the premium features
  • Others with VIZIO Internet Apps Plus feature can make use of the Hulu app but won’t have access to Live TV or any premium features
  • After you activated Hulu on Vizio, you can have access to the Hulu streaming library filled with movies and series

New Hulu features 2019

New Hulu features 2019

Hulu adds a lot of new features and includes the unlimited program selection for entertainment lovers, a recent channel option to track and view the most recently watched channel, Live TV guide to find out the program selections easily, stop suggesting feature to stop the add-ons that you do not want to watch.

Try to read and understand the channel activation steps and users who require assistance to hulu activate can just ring the contact or support number listed on our web-page.

Hulu Live TV Comes to Android TV

Hulu was available on Android platforms for a long time, but with the latest update, users can now stream Hulu + Live TV on Android TV. Hulu for Android is expected to roll out from August with an updated user interface. To stream Hulu + Live TV, navigate to the Play Store and download the channel app to your Android TV.

The channel costs $44.99 a month and can stream up to 60+ top channels. Xiaomi Mi Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, Hisense and Sony Android TV are some of the compatible devices to stream the Hulu Live TV.

Is Hulu down?

  • It’s common that you will end up with Hulu streaming issues & to get rid of it
  • Suggest you to check if the network connection is active and page that you use for activation is valid
  • If you prefer using Hulu apps, try uninstalling the app & installing it once again
  • Opt for the latest & best live Hulu channel packages for better streaming
  • Restart your streaming gadget & check if you can get rid of Hulu channel activation & streaming issues
  • Check if Hulu plus login credentials that you use are valid & secure

Frequently Asked Question

Previously, there used to be a thin difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus where the former was a free of cost streaming service. Since, the inception of Hulu Plus, a lot of changes has happened to both these services and none of them are free now. There is only one Hulu, Hulu Plus, and it has several plans depending on the frequency of ads. Moreover, the service also offers a live TV option which gives access to live TV channels on the go.

The best streaming service in the country is also giving you options to watch live TV without a cable. But of course, you would still need an internet connection to embrace this new feature. At plans starting from $44.99 per month you not only enjoy live TV but also the whole library of Hulu content.

Getting a Hulu Gift Card and using it is pretty straightforward.

  • Just visit the Hulu website and create an account for yourself, a Facebook login too is possible
  • Set a password for the account and then, choose a plan along with any add-ons
  • You must also setup your card details for this process or at least your PayPal account info Finally, when the account is created, just open it and navigate to the update the payment info
  • Append your gift card and you will automatically see it reflect on your account balance

Since Hulu is an online streaming channel, it is dependent on various factors for functioning properly. You need to take care of the following in order to troubleshoot the ‘Hulu not working’ error

  • A good speed internet connection
  • A proper and valid subscription to the Hulu service
  • Intact hardware which can include your TV, smartphone or table
  • Correct installation of the Hulu app

A playback error on the Hulu channel will eventually lead to the Hulu error 5003. In order to overcome this common error, just check the device on which you are streaming the channel along with the app. Either uninstall the app and reinstall it or otherwise you can simply update the same for a quick resolution of the problem.

It used to be free but not anymore. You need a basic subscription to watch any show on Hulu.

There are several free DVR apps that allow you to record Hulu shows and play them offline. One example is the PlayOn Cloud Mobile Streaming DVR app. You also have a desktop compatible version of the app which you can use on your Mac and Windows PCs.

  • Yes, it’s now possible to access Hulu free trial without credit card. All you need to do is to start creating a free Hulu account
  • Visit & choose any of the packages & plans that offer free trail & you will be navigated to a new page where you will receive a prompt to create free Hulu account


All the steps and data about the devices are only for the user reference and informational purpose. We are completely independent support providers, who are delivering streaming device support for the users. So, we recommend all our users to go through our website policies before accessing our services.