The Infamous Showstopper: HBO

HBO is also famously known to be the Home Box office, one of the largest channel providers for a varied in-house series as well movies and documentaries that can be seen as well streamed from any of your streaming devices. To watch HBO on HULU provider there are only a few common steps. Hulu now offers the HBO for all its users to enjoy the common shows and movies, so that the users can have a complete package from their network.


Getting HBO Through HULU

  • If you are someone who is looking forward to watch HBO on Hulu and get all the latest trending HBO produced stuff
  • Receive the activation done through Roku’s activation site, all through a tab, PC or even through your mobile phones


  • The Hulu channel is a proud owner of many subsidiary networks that works best in the interest of its users
  • They have many other channel packages that will give quality entertainment for every consumer of its product
  • All you have to do in order to watch HBO on HULU is activate it
  • The steps that follow are the gist on how you activate HULU on a Roku streamed TV or PC

How to Watch HBO on Hulu?

  • Get Roku on your TV installed and make sure it is working fine
  • Complete all the process with the 4 green dots on top of Roku’s activation screen
  • Move to the STORE, either the Channel store or the Roku store
  • Choose your channel subscription of HULU from the Store
  • Open the HULU tab on your Roku activated device
  • This will direct you to an activation site/page
  • The current page will give you the ACTIVATION code
  • Carry on with the necessary steps that will ask you for the code
  • Do feed in the code, and get the channel activated
  • From HULU’s store, select and keep the HBO channel

This will ensure that the HULU gets activated and downloaded in your TV and installed into the Store. Whenever you need you can get the channel, select out the kind of shows which you like and watch them.

Why get the Hulu package?

The best thing to watch HBO on HULU is its diversity of other channels. Personally, I would suggest ‘THE BAND OF BROTHERS’ and ‘THE GAME OF THRONES’ as one of the very unique shows that HBO has ever produced, along with some major peppy dramas like the ‘VEEP’ and ‘THE SOPRANOS’ rating this beautifully yet contained network as a top-rated channel as well as the longest standing entertainment provider.

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Wire
  • The Band of Brothers
  • True Detective
  • Westworld
  • Rome
  • Silicon Valley
  • The Night Of

Don’t miss out on GOT season 8 on Hulu!

Did you miss the season Premiere of GOT? We’ve still got loads to stream so you don’t have to worry. Catch up on the second episode of GOT season 8 on the Hulu channel. There are so many surprises lined up for you and we still don’t know who the promised “Prince” is going  to be.  There are a couple of guesses that we  have made and you can subscribe to the Hulu channel to find out if these quite match with the actual show.

A few predictions

  • We are eager to see how Jon Snow is about to prove that he is indeed a Targaryean
  • A cold war would set in between Danerys and Jon (a guess can never hurt)
  • Ramsay Bolton will be awaiting his heir along with Sansa
  • We wonder what would happen to Jaime Lannister

The Schedule you must look out for  GOT season 8

  • 14thApril – 1st Episode
  • 21stApril –  2nd Episode
  • 28thApril –  3rd Episode
  • 5th May – 4th Episode
  • 12thMay – 5th Episode
  • 19thMay –  6th Episode

Hulu is available on multiple devices including popular streaming devices, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and even hand-held devices such as mobile phones and tablets. To watch GOT on Hulu, follow the above steps and start streaming GOT season 8.

If you need HBO channel on your Roku streaming device, give us a call at +1-844-885-8900 and we’ll help you.

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