Hulu channel on Roku

Roku is a versatile streaming device which absolutely offers high-quality content seamlessly, for all set of audience. And the integration of Hulu channel and Roku is a best-ever combination and hence guaranteed for good entertainment. Know about the Hulu TV network and causes and solutions for Hulu not working.

Hulu not working

What’s this Hulu TV

It’s a renowned internet-based TV streaming service, which is telecasting library of movies with ample of live TV channels. You can find popular channels which are available on cable here and all your favorite movies at high quality. Channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, CW are available here but with Hulu Live TV only, you can instantly get the shows on airing time. Otherwise, you will get after one day delay. Since this TV network is an ad-supported one, you can customize the options to filter the ads for your favorite shows.

Why Hulu not working

Recently many users are complaining that Hulu TV app is not working properly on diverse platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, Chromecast etc. There may be a difference with the errors on these diverse platforms. But for this Hulu TV case, it is reported that the trouble is mainly due to the channel app only. We here provide you the worked troubleshooting steps for the Hulu not working case.

Troubleshooting methods for Roku

The primary step that you have to do is the shortest one,

Turn off your streaming player, router and unplug the connections for some minutes and switch on after a while. After turning on, check your internet signal strength. In this step itself, you can identify whether the issue is related to the internet network or with the Hulu channel app.

Soft reset method

  • Soft reset is nothing but a simple restart option in your Roku
  • This can be done with the help of your Roku remote by the following steps,
    • Press the home button 5 times
    • Up arrow one time
    • Rewind button 2 times
    • Forward button 2 times

Irrespective of any Roku model, these steps will work on your remote

  • Or else you can also do this soft reset by using the settings option also
  • Go to the settings -> click ‘system’ -> Power -> finally, ‘system restart’
  • Or simply locate and press the power button on your streaming device which can be found at the top or rear end of the streaming device

Hard reset method

  • If a soft reset does not work for your Hulu TV, try out the hard-reset method
  • This can be done via the menu for new Roku models – premier, 4 & ultra
  • Go to the settings option, then system->advanced system settings->factory reset->click ‘yes’

For older Roku models, try out the following button method,

  • Excluding the power cord, unplug all the connected cables
  • Then, press and hold the power button on your streaming player for nearly 20 seconds
  • In the meantime, remove the power cord from the device
  • After removing, release the press from the reset button on your player
  • Now plug all the cables to your device and turn on, the setup process should be now carried out from the beginning

Besides, if you have further queries about Hulu not working, visit or please contact our team by the toll-free number +1-844-885-8900.

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