Hulu Plus Samsung Smart TV Problems

If you are a Samsung smartTV user and if the errors popup while streaming Hulu Plus channel, here, we explain some of the troubleshooting tips that you can follow. Unless you resolve the error you will not be able to stream Hulu Plus without any interruptions

Restart the Hulu App

  • If the Hulu app that you use is not compatible uninstall the app and install it again.
  • Before the process, it is always important to verify if you use the compatible app. If the app that you download is not compatible uninstall it and install the compatible version
Hulu Plus Samsung Smart TV Problems

Hulu Plus Samsung Smart TV Problems

Restart your Samsung Smart TV

  • Improper hardware connections can be another major reason for the errors to popup
  • Hence, we also recommend you to take out all the cables connected to the device and connect it back after a while
  • Search if there is any reset setting available on your device display screen
  • In case if you have tried to execute it and it is always the best option to avoid Hulu Plus Samsung SmartTV problems

Check the Network Speed

  • A wireless network with better streaming speed is always must for better streaming and the download speed of around 6 Mbps is used for streaming 1080 p resolution contents and if its 4K or HDR content streaming speed of 13 Mbps is required
  • It will be good if you place your TV close to the router and your signal strength will not get affected
  • It is also important to verify that you never connect multiple devices to the router that you use as it may interrupt the network signal strength

Try to Use a Different Network

  • If the existing network connection you have doesn’t work suggest you to always go for a new connection
  • Contact our service provider to establish the connection
  • If the error is more with the wired connection try to switch over to the wired network connection

Close All the Background Apps

There may be multiple apps that run across the device background and it is important to close it as it may interrupt the existing Hulu app that is running

Device Software

Using the latest software is always best to avoid errors and you can update it performing a system update

Update Your Browser

  • Double check and make sure that there are no cache files or browsing history on your device
  • If so delete it permanently
  • We suggest you try installing a different browser
  • Check if the Hulu channel subscription package is active and you can update the package paying the respective subscription charges

Apart from the above-listed ones, there are other tips too and you can know more if you contact our customer support team. Check out the articles and blogs available on our webpage or call +1-805-457-0600 to get further tips to resolve Hulu Plus Samsung Smart TV problems.

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